Memorabilia – Birmingham NEC

We are going to have a stand at the NEC Memorabilia show next week – 31st March and 1st April (no, this isn’t an April fools!). A bit of a departure for us, but if anyone reads this and is going along, be sure to say hi! We will be having a little competition throughout the weekend to win something from our stall.

Lightsabers and Lego!



I have just added some nice new items. Some Lightsabers and Lego. The Lightsabers are particularly nice, as they are similar to the horrendously expensive Master Replica Lightsabers, except a lot cheaper.  The handle is plastic and the blade is a few inches shorter, however the light and sounds effects seem to be pretty much the same!  If you don’t want to spend silly money and want one, or have a Master Replica Lightsaber and your little one wants to play with it, toddle along to shed13*toysnstuff where you can buy a cheaper version!

alternatively if you want some Lego, I have just uploaded some Spongebob Squarepants and Cars2 Lego.

Transformers and Wigs :)


Voyager class Skyhammer

I’ve just uploaded a few items to ebay, and the main thing today was wigs!  Disney Princess wigs – Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Snow White and Beauty and the Beast.  A bit of a departure for us, but they just happened to come our way, so up they went 🙂

Perhaps of more interest to you may be that I finally got round to listing the deluxe dark of the moon transformers figures – Arcee, Space Case and Bubmlebee (the Cybertronian Glyph version) – along with some new Skyhammer Voyager series figures.  I also put on a Sith Nightspeeder lego set.

Small soldiers and Transformers

Today I took some pictures of two very nice small soldiers figures and some deluxe class transformers toys. I’ll be putting these on ebay in the next few days.

Small Soldiers Flatchoo figure
Small Soldiers Flatchoo figure

I have a really nice Flatchoo Small soldiers figure which comes with his firing hump-back, a great Insaniac figure complete with chains, and a number of Dark of the Moon Transformers toys including Arcee, Jazz and Bumblebee.

Please check them out by following the link to Shed13*gamer on ebay in the next couple of days.